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Yuri Icons

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utena icons (& guilty crown) [24 Oct 2011|08:02pm]


All you need is love

Simoun & Utena icons :) [12 Oct 2011|12:15am]


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Yuru Yuri icons [06 Jul 2011|03:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

27 Yuru Yuri icons.



All you need is love

58 Ripley/Call Icons [29 May 2011|05:11pm]


58 icons for Ripley and Call of Alien: Resurrection. These girls are practically dripping in subtext - honestly, my mum could see it, they're that obvious. Rated T (13+) to be on the safe side.

See all the icons 
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Maka-Maka Icons [22 May 2010|05:00pm]

   ❦ Hellboy
   ❦ Amanchu

❧ AMERICAN VAMPIRE #1 & #2 [16]
❧ BLOOD+ [7] (nsfw warning)
   ❦ Diva
❧ GUN X SWORD [100]
❧ MAKA-MAKA [26] (nsfw warning)
   ❦ Jun
   ❦ Nene

find the rest here @ aniconisfinetoo!
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[01 Sep 2009|05:50am]

[ 111 ICONS ]
97 Snowflakes fluttering down through the clear sky, a shoujo-ai one-shot manga
14 Legend of Zelda

The rest are here at castletown.
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LOTS of icons! [16 Apr 2009|07:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Guro - 21
Maria-sama ga miteru - 24
Persona - 9
Sailor Moon - 37
Misc. - 19
1-3: Kaibutsu Oujo
4-5: Saya no Uta
6-13: Strawberry Panic!
14: Harley&Ivy
15-16: King of the Hill
17-19: Lovely Complex
TOTAL: 110

icons can be found HERE @ pasutaa

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[08 Apr 2009|09:12pm]

Some Yuri Demotivators ^_-

Under here!Collapse )
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[06 Sep 2008|06:16pm]

[ 36 ] Mai-Hime
[ 8 ] Strawberry Shake Sweet
[ 53 ] The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

( Get them HERE @ sass_me_icons  )
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[12 Aug 2008|09:02pm]

15 Julia Tachibana - Strawberry Shake Sweet
40 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack


( Get them @ Sass_me_icons )
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Icons [01 Jun 2008|05:13pm]

Small update. I need to get back into making Soifon icons.

Soifon [ 9 ]


( To The Fake Cut )
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Pokemon, Strawberry Shake, Hayate x Blade, Misc [20 May 2008|09:05pm]

More icons for all of you. Hope you enjoy. If you like them, please watch the comm! New members are always loved!~

Total: 63

( Gotta Catch Em All....the icons! )
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12 Anthy Icons [17 Jan 2008|10:37pm]

[Chrono Crusade]
→ Joshua x 14
→ Joshua & Rosette x 4
[Final Fantasy XII]
→ Basch x 6
→ Larsa x 6
→ Mamimi x 16
[Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa]
→ Heiderich x 30
→ Johan x 10
→ Nina x 4
[Revolutionary Girl Utena]
→ Anthy x 12


Icons Here
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43 Icons [13 Jan 2008|07:54pm]

I have an independent animation project I have to get to this week, so hopefully these can hold you off until then. It's multifandom, and more so just color play. I wanted to make the fancier ones, but I've procrastinated enough. If I took a whack at those, I need a day where nothing is going on...instead of you know, not doing homework. Its funny to knock out almost 100 icons in one day. Maybe I should do one of those '100 Icon Challenge' things. It would be fun.

[ Sailor Moon - 15 ]
[ Bleach - 12 ]
[ misc. fandom - 8 ]
[ Lucky Star - 10 ]

[ Total - 43 ]
All you need is love

[13 Jan 2008|09:53am]

First icon post to my new community. This is much needed tribute to a manga that doesn't get enough love. Strawberry Shake Sweet is my supa sekret fandom, and I can't get over how cute it is. Lililicious has just mentioned that they will be scanlating the chapters much more often now, which is great news for me.

Strawberry Shake Sweet - [ 24 Icons]


( Fake Cut To my new comm )
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108 Candy Boy Icons [09 Jan 2008|01:30am]

108 Candy Boy icons for your lovin. Icons are not bases, and give credit where credit is due yo! Or you know, something...


( Fake Cut To The Icons )
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70 Icons of Lililicious' Yuri Series [22 Nov 2007|08:03pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

[x2] Family Complex
[x1] Expressions of Love
[x4] First Love Sisters
[x2] Fun After School
[x1] Happy Go Lucky Days
[x4] Her Confession
[x1] Her Temptation
[x1] Hot for You
[x2] If I Kiss her Ring Finger
[x3] In the Afternoon
[x1] Indigo Blue
[x2] Even if We're not Friends
[x1] The Summer Closest to Heaven
[x1] A Kiss, a Love and a Prince
[x2] This Love from I Can't Remember When
[x2] Cherries for Your Lips
[x3] Real Love
[x2] Our Fake Relationship
[x1] Peach taste
[x1] Piano Lesson
[x3] Pops
[x5] She Wolf
[x1] Red Umbrella White Umbrella
[x5] After School
[x3] Snowflakes Fluttering down through the Clear Sky
[x1] Spiral of Pleasure
[x10] Strawberry Shake Sweet
[x1]The Glade in the Forest behind School
[x1] Voiceful
[x2] Wishing on a Star
[x1] Pure Shadow

Teasers: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(Don't tell anybody this is a Fake LJ-cut)

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[22 Sep 2007|01:55pm]

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha [8]
Maria-sama ga Miteru [10]
YamiBou [5]
Various pairings [3]


( To the icons! )
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Three Icons [20 Sep 2007|07:21pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Heh. I've only just started making icons, but here's my first three yuri ones.

These two are from Morinaga Milk's mangas.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a cropped pic from Transmetropolitan
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Take if you want. *lol*

All you need is love

Completed 50-icon challenge - anime!Haruka/anime!Uranus [12 Sep 2007|04:10pm]

[ mood | freezing! ]

Hello! I know I’ve been lurking, but please allow me to remedy that right now.

I recently finished a 50-icon challenge I put up for myself at the The Oracle. This challenge was to icon-ize only anime!Ten'ou Haruka and anime!Sailor Uranus, and those two incarnations alone (which means no Senshi and definitely no Michiru or Sailor Neptune - now how's that for a challenge?).

I'm sorry for some icon variations, I could never decide which versions of an icon I love best. ._.0 Please be warned that some of these icons may not be safe for work.


With that said, (here are the results).

I'm STILL not satisfied though, so I just might make this into 100 icons! What do you think? ;P

Resource ListCollapse )

Cross-posted to: kaligayahan, sailoruranus, sailormoonfans, sailormoonicons, moonie_icons, animeicons, yuri, yuri_icons, and amateuriconists (for the critique) … I hope I haven’t missed any more comms.
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[18 Jul 2007|04:36am]

I was just playing around with some tutorials for some really cool icon ideas. These may be inspired by tutorials I found, but then there are some I just made out of boredom. I never follow a tutorial directly, unless its something I've never done before. *Points to current icon* so bear with me. I like to see others peoples work, and take little snippets to create new ones. ( Not icons mind you, but like, textures and coloring techniques I really like. ) As you can see with the Exclusion Icons, its a look I really like. I had a bit of fun with that one. I went ahead and decided to make a "set." ( It also gave me an excuse to use my own bases )

The few are followed from the tutorials on </a></b></a>asya_17. Go to her journal. She is AWESOME.


( Fake Cut )
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Bleach Girls [23 Jun 2007|01:28am]

I recently made a bunch of Soi bases, and thought I might as well post them here. If you check out the past couple posts in my journal, you'll see I have a TON of Soi icons. (Since I love her so.) Comments are love!

[ 30 SoiFon ]
[ 19 Kuukaku ]
[ 12 Tat/TatOri ]
[ 7  Kiyone ]



( More Soi Goodness Here )
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Ran And Julia! [13 May 2007|05:51pm]

I've been a fan of SSS for a while now, it needs to be licensed into anime form.


6 Lovers| All you need is love

Color bar requests. [25 Aug 2006|11:10am]

[ mood | flirty ]

I actually posted this request at slayersicons, but I seriously wasn't sure if it was allowed there, so I'm going to post it here just in case. =.=

Can someone make me a Slayers LinaXAmelia color bar? I would love to have it in my profile.

Oh, and as a fan of yuricest, I'd also like someone to make me an AmeliaXNaga color bar.

If anyone can do this for me, I will credit and love them forever and ever.

All you need is love

[27 Jun 2006|07:47pm]

I've posted 20 shoujo-ai--sixteen with four alternates, really--icons at my personal journal for anyone who wants them. They're from lots of series, but there's nothing NWS.

03. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 11. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

( obsession? where? )
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